What a simple concept, slipping a smaller diameter pipe into a slightly larger pipe. As simple as it may seem, slip lining does have its fair share of challenges but all in all slip lining can be the most economical long term solution for rehabilitating pipes. Mocon has been slip lining pipes since the 1980’s. slip lining is primarily used for rehabilitating pipes which don’t have a need for additional capacity. Although the new pipe is smaller in diameter, it can normally move water in a fast efficient manner with the use of low friction pipes without joints like HDPE or Fusible PVC. There are also segmented pipes like Hobas that can be connected and jacked into the existing pipe one stick at a time without the need for bypass. Slip lining can be viewed as a responsible solution because the life expectancy of some of the pipes being installed are as long as 50 to 100+ years. Slip lining does require an insertion point or pit to insert the new pipe. The new pipe can be pulled or pushed in using constant tension winches, static bursting equip, jacking frames, etc.