Pilot Tube

Micro Tunneling

Specializing in grade sensitive bores, Guided boring can install pipe on perfect line and grade with in extremely small footprint. The GBM system first installs a 4" tube utilizing a illuminated target guidance system by which the pipe installation process uses as a guide for the grade and alignment. The tube can then be used to guide a augerbore, pipe ram, or back ream. 

During the piercing or moling process, a pneumatically-driven Hammer forces its way through the soil along the desired path of the pipe. Piercing avoids the need to dig a trench and can be used to lay many types of utilities. Gas, Water, electric, sewer, etc.  Holes can be bored quickly and pipe installed avoiding disruption to sidewalks, drivways, landscape, utilities, Etc.

Installation of steel pipes and casings over distances usually up to 150 ft long and up to 60-in in diameter with the driving power of a pneumatic hammer. The method is the most useful for shallow installations under railway lines and roads, where other trenchless methods could cause surface settlement or heaving. Pipe Ramming has the ability to drive through extremely difficult conditions as well as the ability to swallow cobble as large as the steel casing itself.

Pipe Ramming

Pilot Tube

      Soil Piercing