Pipe bursting is one of the most remarkable processes in the pipe rehabilitation market. What makes it so remarkable is not just the ability to rehabilitate the pipe, but the quality and size of the new pipe being installed. Pipe bursting is the only method in the pipe rehab market where you have the ability to install a larger pipe than the existing pipe that is being replaced. Pipe Busting uses the existing pipe as a guide that the bursting equipment can follow. The bursting head splits or breaks through the existing pipe with a larger expanding head which makes room for the new larger pipe being installed simultaneously. The pipe being pulled into place is not just a liner, but a high strength, high quality pipe designed to last 50 to 100 years. Bursting is used to replace any type of pipe, Sewer, Water, gas, conduit, etc.  Fusion welded pipe such as HDPE or Fusible PVC are the most commonly used pipes for most types of installations, although segmented pipe like clay, PVC, or ductile iron pipe can also be used in some applications. There are primarily two types of pipe bursting techniques used in the market today, Pneumatic bursting and Static bursting. Mocon has a full range of both styles of bursting equipment for whatever the project challenges may be. Both pneumatic and static systems can burst most pipe, however each system has their own unique attributes. For example some pneumatic systems can install the pipe all the way into the manhole without the need for a exit pit, and for example some static systems can split non fracture-able pipe like steel or ductile iron with the use of special cutters. With our knowledge and experience we can come up with a plan to tackle any project with the least amount of risk involved.                                                                                                            What are you looking to replace?